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By Admin
Created 5/16/2005

WARNING #1 - There are a number of people selling or offering to sell PayPal and/or Ebay accounts in the forums. (These forums and all forums across the net.) These people are nothing but scam artists. You will not get an account, but they will take your money and run. If you do get an account, it'll be one linked to known, hard core criminals, probably wanted in several jurisdictions. You do not want your account to be associated with these people unless you like the police knocking on your door.

WARNING #2 - There are people here and other forums on the net that are pretending to be PayPal and/or Ebay employees, claiming they will help you fix your problems with PayPal and/or Ebay. THESE ARE SCAMS ALSO. If you choose to do business with PayPal and/or Ebay, then ONLY DEAL with legitimate people at PayPal and/or Ebay. Do not accept help from people in forums that claim to work for these companies. They are scam artists!

WARNING #3 - Know who you are dealing with! There are SCAMMERS across the net that direct people to this site, yes, PayPalSucks.com, using it as an excuse for the requirement that they pay via Western Union, MoneyGram, cash, etc. While it's true PayPal Sucks, it's true that criminals suck even more, especially when they take advantage of sites like this to help them dupe people out of their money. REGARDLESS of how you pay for an item, you should be VERY wary of all online deals. Especially those outside your home country. International orders account for the majority of scams and it doesn't matter what country you are in, or they all count on the fact that it's in international order to make it easy for them to get away with their scame. All international orders and sales should immediately alert you of a possible scam! Only when you are 100% of the person you are dealing with should you do any business with them, and this is regardless of how you pay.

PayPal Sucks. Use a Merchant Account To Accept Credit Cards