Virus, Phishing, DDos, Security and other Alerts
By Admin

There is a new scam going around. Everytime there is a news story about a hack, exploit, bug or other vulnerability, the next few days you may get several emails from someone pretending to be Microsoft. They might even reference press coverage and stories. Then give you a link to get the "update" to fix the problem. Don't do it! Microsoft does not email it's customers. If you want to get the update, just open MSIE and go to "tools" and "windows update" and let it find the updates for you. Do not click on the link in the email! Additionally, I'm seeing phishing spam for people offering "identity theft protection." You got it, it's another scam. Never click on links in the email. Disable HTML email if you can.

Scammers using hack to forge Caller ID. This is going to boil over into a big scam by combining this hack and phishing. Do NOT trust your caller ID. Be sure to read our Spyware page as well.

If you got email from the FBI, you got one of the more recent scams.

There's a new flaw in Google's system that would allow a hacker access to a users gmail account.

Did you get an email from PayPal regarding a $175 purchase? Yes? No you didn't. Did you get an email from PayPal that said your account was limited or that they needed additional information? No you didn't. Those emails probably aren't from PayPal. It's a "phishing" email that contains a virus or worm, or other spyware. (See this story for an example.)

Been getting a new "Sun Trust" spoof/phishing email. There's also a new round of "Citi" spoof emails. There's also new rounds of the "ebay" spoof email. It's kind of silly to put them here, as they come almost everyday, but some of these new ones are a little bit better than the previous ones. Same old warning: Never click on a link in an email.

There is a major security flaw in Windows XP, Office 2003, MSIE 6 and many other MS products that could allow a hacker to use a JPEG (the most common graphic format) to take control of your computer. See: Microsoft security warning - Posted September 20th 2004

Another sniffer worm is actively looking for your paypal account (and others). - Posted September 20th 2004

Be sure to read the Spoof/Phishing page as these go on day after day without limit. - Posted August 1st 2004

Next, There was a new virus going around that the normal scanners were not picking up. It's got an attachment named "price something" (ie,,, etc) and the subject line is blank. Do not open such an email. Just delete it. Also, update your virus scanning software immediately. - Posted August, 2004

Well know we know what they were up to with all these new trojans and viruses. Some of them are being used for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. This threat is known as a "botnet." This is when some malcontent (one even more "mal" than us) wants to hurt someone or some company and "attacks" their server effectively shutting it down due to too many requests. This also has the side effect in that anyone else in that area sharing a connection can also be knocked offline. See this article on botnets. - Posted July, 2004

Also, a new phone virus for smart phones.

Okay, back to our normal mode of flogging. ;-)