You Never Know With Paypal


This same thing happens to me without fail: I use PayPal seamlessly, without any trouble, for several transactions, maybe for days, maybe for an entire month, and BAM!! I suddenly cannot use PayPal. I always get the same message, that "this card cannot be used. Try another card." Of course I trouble-shoot to high heaven, calling my bank to ask if they blocked my card? No. Contacting PayPal only to be A) ignored or B) given a totally useless senseless answer... and I always end up in trouble because I owe someone money for services rendered (such as with etc.) and they (of course!!) only use PayPal and sure enough, suddenly I can no longer use PayPal for however long it takes before PayPal works again. There is never an explanation. Never any customer service what-so-ever, and always me stuck and looking like a theif and a liar! What gives?? And why do people INSIST on only using PayPal??? 

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