You Can Sell But You Can Not Have Your Money


So I open a Ebay Account, Thinking? Hey I can make some money selling some of my electronics, well that was working real great, Posted on Ebay, sold everything made about 1200 bucks. next I open a paypal account to retrieve my money from my buyers. no problem,.. so I go through Paypals Frivlous BULLSHIT LYING POLICY of 90 days to pass my probationary time so I can start to receive my money quicker than the 21 days after each transaction, and even worst majority of items are international buyers so shipping may take longer than 21 days. my patients were up! I called paypal up and told them iam tired of this 21 day bullshit and i want to just close my account and end my business on ebay and paypal because it was to hard to conduct business with paypals long delays to receive money. also it was 93 days that i waited til i called paypal, I figured they were a professional company and would have automatically released my funds after 90 days. WRONG..... well the good news is they released half my funds.. for 3 days.
Then they Locked my account 4 days later -97 day of probationary period?
with 110% beyond feedback rating on Ebay--donating to charitie..etc..Paypal sends me an email and its displayed over my account when I log in it reads:
From now on, money you receive will be temporarily held in a pending balance. To learn more, please read our Payment Holds policy.
(Wow how fucking discouraging is that to want to sell on Ebay?) =  (You can sell but you cant have your Money!) SO now the  93 day probationary period to prove iam a honest seller didnt mean shit... my 110% beyond rating doesnt mean anything. so now all my funds are locked up in paypal $440.00 dollars with about another 5-600 in sales coming in from Ebay within the next few days, but hey even if I ship it and the buyer sends the money I wont see it for another 30 days.. 93 days + another 30days... 123 days til i see my funds..or anything. SO-- Back on the phone again with Paypal, I explain my problem, what iam going through, why are they holding my funds? why did I go through a 90 day period to wait 93 days, to get my funds released then after to have it locked up again for 30days more, well what this person at paypal said to me BLEW my mind! He told me they could predict/forsee into the future and that there could be problems that may occur with my Ebay account and that they needed 30 days so that Ebay and paypal could get on a conference call to review my account. So By now iam FUMED! IRRATE! flipping out!  I tell the Guy at Paypal....this is BULLSHIT i have waited over 3 fucking months patiently doing everything they asked me, link bank account- phone, deposit money- verify my id, my ebay account, credit card, etc.. i have an impeccable rating on ebay with absolutley positive feedback rating higher than Ebays expectations and now your telling me i have to wait for my money another month because PAYPAL can NOW see into the future and they can predict problems before they happen? the person at paypal said, yes Sir, we can see problems arrising on Ebay that could affect the buyers funds and that they need to connference call with Ebay to correct any problems before they occur...... I finally I just laid it on them...I said fuck it...Iam closing my account the minute my funds are released, and hung up on him.....
so now..12/14/2011 me, my wife and 2 kids want to thank PAYPAL for a ruining our 2011 Christmas and playing with Peoples Financial lives, it will definitley be a year not to forget!

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