Worried About Paypal Dispute

 I have had 2 disputes from the same buyer, and paypal and ebay sided with me both times. However, I began to worry about this same transaction and found out the buyer could continue to dispute. I was able to take my checking account off of paypal and close both my ebay and paypal accounts. However, when I tried to closed my account, they said,  while the dispute for a 3rd time was going on, I could not close the account. I have argued with them saying if everything was not ok, they should have never let me close my other accounts. 

Here's my problem: I closed it with my paypal extras mastercard still on there. Is there a chance that they can charge this dispute money on that paypal extras plus mastercard with the mastercard symbol through GE Money bank?  As of now they have not, but I worry that they will. Have you had any experience with paypal extras mastercard and them charging the money on there?


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