Wishing Utter Destruction On Paypal

     I truly believe that PayPal/eBay is a terrorist organization. Here is my story.

     I have been selling on eBay since 1999, and have used PayPal as the conduit for billing. I have paid thousands of dollars to them over the years.

     In May 2011, I had an issue with a buyer on eBay who, as I later learned, is a professional scam artist. His M.O. is to bid and win auctions for items that have a historically high rate of seller misconduct, then file a buyer dispute, and get the item for free. This buyer won 4 very rare coins from me, purchased over a 2 week period. The total value was close to $2000.

     About a week after the last coin was delivered, I received notice from PP that my funds were on hold for these transactions, due to a buyer dispute. The buyer claimed that the "items were not as described." No details were given beyond that.

     First, I tried contacting PP/EB to sort out the mess. It seemed as if the people I spoke to understood English, but they had no idea what I was saying. I seriously believed I was speaking with an automated response system that picked up keywords and gave me canned responses. Needless to say, my efforts got me nowhere. I was told that the buyer would be returning the coins, and that the money would be permanently removed from my account when they were delivered back to me.

     A few days later, I received an envelope from the buyer, with tracking information included. Let me be clear. An envelope. Nothing else. The buyer merely mailed back an empty envelope. I had been robbed.

     Adding insult to injury, the buyer posted negative feedback on EB, along with "1" detailed seller ratings. As a result, in early July 2011, EB shut down all of my auctions and suspended my account without any warning. Frantic calls to EB were a waste of time. The support staff merely repeated back to me what I already knew - that my account was suspended. I received emails from EB stating that I would be receiving an email explaining the situation, and that I would need to follow the instructions contained in it.

     After 7 days, I finally got an email from the "TRUST and SAFETY" department ordering me to fax a copy of my ID, utility bills, credit card statements, and receipts proving that I purchased every item that I sold on EB in the past 6 months. At this point, I had lost the will to fight, so I complied with their demands immediately.

     5 days later, my account was re-activated, but with conditions. I was limited to 75 listings per month, or $2500. In addition, I would have to pay more for listing, since my "top-rated" status had been revoked. What else could I do? I began the process of re-building. It was late July.

     In mid-August, I received notice from PP that, effective immediately, funds coming in to my account would be held for a period of 21 days, due to my "poor performance" over the past few months. Great. Now I have to figure out how to pay for new inventory while PP collects interest on my money. I didn't even bother calling them, because I know how that goes.

     Yesterday morning, I received an email from EB congratulating me on my outstanding performance over the last month. I had listed the maximum 75 items without any issues. "Keep it up," the email proclaimed, "and we will be able to raise your selling limits." Sounds great.

     A few hours later, I was listing items when suddenly, I hit a snag. It seems that, as a way of rewarding me for my outstanding performance, EB decided to limit my monthly listings to 37 per month; half of what they had been.

     The calls to EB bordered on hilarious. The first person I spoke with, called "Albert," kept repeating what I already knew - that my account was limited. He would put me on hold for several minutes, then come back and direct me to the Seller Dashboard, and point out that I had 4 low DSR back in May/June, and that my account would be limited.

     I tried pointing out that my low percentage rate had gone from 1.7% to 1.4% in one month, and that I would be able to lower it below the 1.0% threshold if I could list more items. This concept was completely lost on "Albert." He said that I should wait until June of next year, at which time the low DSR scores would no longer be counted.

     I actually made it through to the "TRUST and SAFETY" department with my next call. The EB employee was slightly more sentient than "Albert," but no more helpful. She simply stated that the decision to lower my selling ability even further was final, and that I better hope to have perfect performance over the coming months. When I told her that it would take me months to get below 1% with the new limits in place, she was unfazed.

     I truly and sincerely, with all the blackness in my soul, HATE eBay and PayPal. I am astounded at the way I have been mistreated, and totally frustrated at my inability to do anything about it. I have been enraged, depressed, vengeful, you name it. I would cheer the absolute and utter destruction of these companies, and would gladly do anything in my power to assist, even if it meant playing dirty. They play dirty every day, so why not? I'm not saying I would do anything illegal, especially in a public forum, but I certainly would encourage any group or individual to use every means necessary to inflict damage upon them.

     For now, I am choosing to focus that energy in a positive way. I have opened an account on eBid, which is a really great deal ($45 for lifetime listings), and have been using Google Checkout as much as possible. The only problem is, eBid doesn't get a quarter of the traffic I get on eBay, which makes it very difficult to make the same money. Unfortunately, I am still using PayPal, but am working towards other solutions.

     Thank you for providing a place for the victims of the terrorist organization known as "eBay/PayPal." I have very little hope left that justice will prevail, but there is still hope nonetheless.

Adam Boarman

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