Will Never Do Business With PayPal Again

For 9 years Paypal and I had conducted business without a hitch.  I have a 100% satisfaction rating, both as a buyer, and, as a seller on ebay.  Never had a problem with Paypal or ebay until about 6 months ago.  Went to pay a seller with funds in my Paypal account and was denied, even though I had much more in my account than the amount that I owed to the seller.  I inquired what the problem was.  Paypal said that I must open a bank account and give them access to it in order to access my funds which are being held by Paypal.  They already have access to my credit card account, my address, my phone number, my personal information.  They did not even bother to consider the huge volume of transactions that I have completed over the past 9 years with 100% satisfaction rating on ebay.  They never considered that a complaint had never been filed, either by myself, or, by a buyer or seller with Paypal for any transaction that I had ever concluded using Paypal.  They refuse, to this day, to close my account, to allow me to withdraw my funds from my account, to allow me to do anything with my funds that are still listed as a credit balance on my Paypal account.  I will NEVER, EVER DO BUSINESS WITH PAYPAL AGAIN.  Paypal refuses to accept emails that I have sent describing the problem and their phone support merely spouts Paypal talking points and does nothing to fix the problem.  Did I mention that I will NEVER, EVER DO BUSINESS WITH PAYPAL AGAIN?  Paypal can count on that.  I am currently looking into filing criminal fraud charges with the State of California against Paypal so that other unsuspecting victims will not loose their funds to the lying, cheating Paypal scumbags like I have.  I am also looking for a replacement for ebay, as they own and promote the unethical and immoral activities of their associate company, Paypal.  I conduct my business transactions honestly and truthfully and I expect ebay and Paypal to do the same.  When they start acting like criminals, they should be treated as criminals.  Maybe when the CEO of Paypal is led away to jail with a nice, new set of those shiny bracelets attached to his wrists, he will have time to consider the things that his company has done to their customers.


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