Why Is PayPal Holding Payment After A Sale


I have been an ebay member for six years with over 70 transactions and 100% positive feedback.  Still paypal "holds" payments for a minimum of three weeks after I sell an item in the name of buyer protection, yet I am told by paypal to ship immediately.
When I purchase an item on ebay funds show up as withdrawn from my bank account as soon as I initiate payment, yet the seller's account is not credited for another week and seller is advised to hold shipment until payment clears.  I have spoken at length with these dishonest idiots on the phone, who claim that certain accounts that are "new" or those with negative feedback are "monitored" in this manner.  Neither of these conditions applies to my account.
This is double standard BS and is not logical unless paypal is earning interest on the funds they are holding in the name of "buyer protection". They are thieves who steal in cyberspace.  Let's see what the law has to say!

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