Waiting Over Seven Months For My Money


I'm from sunny South Africa. I was ecstatic when I heard that we finally had access to use paypall. And from start to finish (not finished yet) it has been nothing but a pain. Opened the necessary accounts. Fabulous. Transferred the money into the paypal acc. Wonderful. And then I tried to get my money back. I have not been on that stupid site without having to change the security settings and passwords. What? Are you bloody kidding. And then they limited my account with more emails about confirming details and changing passwords. No customer care beside that stupid limited email tick box crap. Are they serious? Then they blocked the thing and told met I could get my money in 6 months time. Which by the way has turned me into a criminal in my own country according to the reserve bank. Thanks for that paypal. Now more than seven months later I get an email saying I can now get my money. Guess what!! I can't. The amount is small in USA and UK standards but over here it is a months groceries or a car payment. Paypall better get their shit together. How the hell did that bunch of idiots get so big?

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