Victim of Paypal Fraud

I am a victim of Paypal fraud. I used to use an SEO company to conduct seo services for me, as one of the funding options they gave me an option to pay via Paypal and sent me a link for authorisation. Without my knowledge this SEO company had setup a reoccurring payment of $2000, monthly, indefinitely. After i had finished my SEO services with the company 2 months later i saw a transaction for $2000 out of my account. I reported to paypal as fraud as i never authorised such a transaction. Paypal came back to me and advised that because i clicked the link back in April that the SEO company had the right to take the money out of my account. Paypal also ignored all Emails demanding information and also refuse to talk to the Police. I am now at a $2000 a loss and will have to seek civil action against this SEO company without the so called 'protection' Paypal advertise.

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