Unhappy Paypal Seller


Paypal Sellers Beware. I wanted to send a copy/paste of my interaction with paypal in regards to an item that paypal unfairly granted a return (I'm the seller) after 2 months. This grant was unwarranted given I produced hard evidence that the item was not damaged (it was a legitimate company service receipt prior to me sending the item). Please read paypal's response to my very detailed email. It was like a 5 year old wrote it.
Me: I have reported this transaction to the BBB on December the #th. I have called them today to let them know the paypal case has been closed without Paypal responding to the BBB case (which in my opinion means paypal had no intention of resolving this with the BBB). I had hard-evidence which I provided to Paypal that proved there was nothing "damaged" about the item. ##Company would never service and release a "damaged" item. This is an obvious mistake/human error on the part of the agent which handled the case and "granted" the buyer a return. Paypal should have the integrity to be accountable for that and compensate me in some way. I hear a lot that Paypal claims since they don't see the item being shipped they can't judge what the customer receives. If that is the case then they should not play the role as decision maker. A case should not always be awarded to the buyer. I am hoping in this case that Paypal is ethical enough to take accountablility and compensate me in some way. After all, I have been a Paypal customer for ## years with not one issue. I guess since I worked in customer loyalty/marketing for ## years I know a little about how a well established company should run and how important it is to maintain high-valued customers. I would like to maintain a relationship with Paypal since I do buy a lot using Paypal in additon to selling. On a seperate note, please let me know why my negative balance includes Paypal's final value fee. Shouldn't that have been taken out? &####;
Paypal Response:
Thank you for contacting PayPal.
Your claim ### is now closed as the buyer has provided tracking information. The tracking shows that the item has been returned to you.
Tracking number: ###
Shipping company: USPS
As the item has been returned, the buyer in this case was eligible for a full refund including the original shipping costs.
When a payment is reversed, the original transaction amount sent from the buyer is reversed; not a portion of the payment. The payment fee is not refundable, as PayPal has fulfilled the service for which the fee is billed by processing/completing the initial payment.
Thank you for your cooperation.
This is not an acceptable answer as it does not address my question as to why the buyer was granted a return when I provided hard evidence of a service receipt from a reputable company. This is just a generic cut and paste answer. I obviously know by now that the item has been returned because Paypal has forced the return on me. I will continue my fight using the BBB and will also be in touch with Consumer Protection

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