Unfroze Account For 20 Minutes


I have had a paypal account for years. Used it and always kept it in good standing. I recently started my own business and I buy leads on customers from a prominent company overseas. They are well documented and a legit business. I had my account frozen because I am affiliated with this company and their funds within Paypal were frozen too. I have over $3000.00 in my account and customers waiting for items that I cannot pay for with the paypal money they sent me. After a phone call with a rep named Justin, who appeared to be kind and helpful, unfroze my account for about 20 min. long enough to pay for an auction I had bid on for a client. Then, once paid for, my account was permanently frozen and my personal paypal account as well. I am fed up with Paypal's tricks and implied comments that I am dishonest and therefore a risk. Who is taking the risk really, them or me? I am trusting them with personal information and money, which they have frozen. It makes no sense. 

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