Trying To Screw Paypal

 I was dropshipping stuff a couple years ago and making around $500 a month. Then I got slammed with limited Paypal account, so being only 13 at the time, I could not provide the required info for they wanted, drivers license, passport, etc. So I just made a new account with all the same info except my name spelt slightly differently and went on with my business breaking many paypal stealth rules and logging in to the same account on the same IP, using same pictures and ebay descriptions etc and in about 2-3 months, I got linked and limited.

 So I just gave up thinking if I made a new account it would happen all again. So I thought I would just get a real job and make money like that, but of coarse I couldnt find a job. So now when I'm 14 (turning 15 in a month) I decided to get back online, I read the stealth guide and all and I hacked into my neighbours internet so that my IP would be different from my banned accounts, I started selling again but this time making alot more around $80 a day, sometimes up to $200 a day, and then bam, limited again, paypal want tracking numbers, invoices, and supplier contact info. I can give tracking numbers, I guess I could forge some invoices but I cannot give them any supplier phone numbers, I am thinking of just giving them a fake number and hoping they wont checkup on it.

So wish me luck :)


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