Tricked Trying To Buy Double Pram Stroller


 HELP!I purchased a double pram stroller from US, but was told that these are out of stock and asked to wait for new stock to come to shop so they can send them to me. I was tricked to wait over 45 days. Later I found out that I was not the only one, many mothers who ordered goods from the same site has been tricked as well. I was shocked that PayPal was dealing for so long with that website knowing that people order goods but never receive them. I lodged complain to the bank and they refunded my money but now Paypal is constantly harassing me with their e-mails and texts from DEBT COLLECTORS who told me -listen to that- that my bank transfer didn't get through when I was paying for the pram thus Paypal need me to pay the money back-what a LIE!!!!!! I was lawfully given back the money from the bank but they keep harassing me and locked my paypal account! HEEEELP! I wonder why they do not chase that crook from US instead of innocent people. I was pregnant with twins and had so much stress I went ill and needed emergency caesarian and they keep stressing me. I wish I could find a lawyer who could help me put them to justice!

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