To Good To Be True

      I would like to ask for advice, I am an online freelancer and I do my work online, like via Virtual Admin assistant. A few months back, I recently been scammed as so called Paypal Chargeback Scheme which I recently have learned about. As you may have known, Paypal is like an online fund processor who handles and processes electronic or virtual funds which a buyer/seller can link their Credit Card/Debit Card/Bank Acct in the site.
      As I have been searching for work/projects online, I have stumbled on an employer who happens to be in Russia offering a project as Customer Manager who will use your Paypal (not access) to process their "payments". They offer a too good to be true deal which I in turn been hooked to this offer. I was not aware of how Paypal works that time and just would like to go on with the project, I was thinking that it is like a one of a lifetime project. The company, offers you a project which then you are in charge of processing their "customers" payments (via Paypal) and sending them thru western union. You act as a middle man. There were two parties, first the original "seller" (RUS) and the buyer "payee" (US). The seller, forces you to withdraw the amount and send it to thru. Payment range from 500-$10,000. In my case, I receive $6,000.  I thought that it was "company" money and obliged to send it on his instructions. (we communicate only via email). In short, I successfully withdrawn and send it to western union. A week or two passed, the "buyer" filed a dispute on Paypal issuing that he never received the item. This is where I got the shock of my life. I am not aware of the "item" nor aware of any transaction between the "seller" and the "buyer." That is why when the "buyer" filed a dispute case on Paypal, I lost and I have nothing to prove as evidence that a shipment was made or what ever to that sense. All I have is my email trail with the "fraud employer". I tried sending this trail to paypal and stated my case but Paypal did not respond and turn in favor of the buyer. The "seller" did not respond to any email I send and never contacted me. This transaction just happened once.
      Now, I am jobless, have a family and wife to support, owing Paypal $6k which I believe is very unfair, and broken down to my knees of what will I do, as I am mentally and emotionally stressed with my sitution. I would deeply appreciate any advice and thank you so much in advance for the advices.

Thanks and God bless.

      I have been emailing paypal and no one answered. I share this message with some who I think would even care about reading my message. I feel like everytime I email them, it's like an automated reply message that answers all my inquires. If you may I would like to ask for you help its been troubling me for this past months. I received a 60 negative notice now and I am afraid of what would happen next. I would like to ask for your advice.
      I hate this scammer it destroyed my life and family. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated looking forward for yourcreply soon.


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