Thought This Will Not Happen To Me

I had one problem with them at first and thought that it would be resolved,, they locked my account for a $40 item I didnt put a tracking on and said dont worry since you forgot you have to wait 21 days for those funds to clear, meanwhile they were holding $3,200 of my money which had no issues for a $40 item. does not make sense. so i sucked it up and waited.. after the 21 days, sure the funds were cleared but my account was still locked, i called and asked why? they said i had to produce receipts for my items, which most items of mine were tools and equipment i had to get rid of because i went out of business in construction . Well i was able to produce one or two receipts, they cleared the account, ok so now i felt good (3 weeks locked), felt like no more issues, boy was i wrong, i sold one item again and 2 days after they unlocked my paypal , they locked it again,, now i was flipping out and called ,, what happened,, they told me my receipts were not good enough and that most receipts i wrote out  myself and i said of course they were my items from home, and they said well we dont know if any of my items were stolen or not,, so how can i resolve this, i asked? they said you cant , you lied on the receipts and we dont want to do business with you any more,, i said what so thats it,, what about my money you guys are stealing,, we are not stealing they said you will have it after 180 days,, wow, wow, thats all i thought ,it happened to me,  so they basically forced me to borrow my money so they can earn their interest on my cash,, the only good thing is , right before they locked my account i luckily transfered my $2500 to my bank after the first lock up,,,well at least till now 1 day later i have had no more issues from them besides the money they are still holding. beware  i read these stories thinking it would not happen but it did,,,, F -PAYPAL

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