They Wont Give Me My Money

With ebays new law with feedbacks if you get one neg you drop a point and inturn paypal with jack around with your money! even after the buyer gets the shipment they still take there time giving you the money,,,thats bs but they both take there money.. one of the problems is 1 out of 5 will leave feedback so now you have 4 people that you cant get to leave good feed back. so they punish you for that, so in turn they own paypal so they just keep you from your money... I have been with paypal for over 11 years and they just started doing this crap, thats not right keeping your money .. and to thing of how much money they have made just off me... and dont even care and waist your time...paypal your SUCK just anther big business craping on the little guy after they took all of out money

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