They Will Never Get It


Yes, a few years ago I sold a guitar. The item was advertised as a fine quality instrument - NO NAME was used, though the name MARTIN was on the headstock. It was a copy made in China.
The recipients complained to PayPal and they ordered it DESTROYED instead of having it returned to me!
I lost a good deal of money over that.
I contacted PayPal and asked how I could be sure that it WAS "destroyed"
They told me I would have to take action through the courts to find that out.
A real rotten mess by PayPal. I have not dealt through them since.
I sold another guitar advertised as an early model Harmony and a "collector's item" because it was so old. I advertised that it was indeed playable, which it was. The recipient complained to Pay Pal and they took the money out of my account.  That was the LAST time I dealt with Pay Pal - they STILL claim I owe them some $60 for the shipping fee.
They will NEVER get it!

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