The PayPal Runaround


I accidently transferred money from my bank account to my husbands paypal account.  I tried to stop it and I got the round around from paypal!  Even though my husband refunded my money back to me the same day I did the transfer, it’s going to take 3 to 5 business days before Paypal will refund my money back to my checking account!  I called paypal and asked them since my bank had paid them the same day that I would appreciate the same courtesy from them.  All i got from them was the runaround that it goes through a clearing house and therefore they can not refund my money etc etc,  If possible I will try not to do any type of business with those people ever again!!  They are the worst for trying to receive your money back!  You have a better chance of losing your wallet at a crowed mall and it getting returned back to you then you do getting your money back from paypal!!!

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