Suspended From eBay For Selling Angry Birds Products


I started out as a drop-shipping seller on eBay with an eBay store and sold items from multiple suppliers including one from China. I found many awesome extremely sellable Angry Birds products and was making a decent amount of money selling them but shortly realize these listings violated Rovio's copyright as some of them are not authentic Angry Bird products. I was soon warned by eBay while they removed those specific item listings. As a seller who just wants to do things right, I contact Ravio and asked them to review my items and let me know which ones are authentic so I can continue to sell them. Obviously Ravio was unwilling to help and while I was waiting for Ravio's response eBay PERMANENTLY suspended my account. My eBay account was established many years ago and I had over 350 positive feedbacks so I am not a new member. I called them to tell them how I tried to contact Ravio but they refused to listen and simply said there is nothing I can do about it. Shortly thereafter, PayPal permanently limited my established account with them simply because I violated eBay's policy. Not willing to give up so easily, I used my husband's established eBay and Paypal account to continue to sell products other than Angry Bird ones (completely giving up on Angry Bird products) but eBay and Paypal shortly suspended his account saying it is linked up to another account which pretty much just means they found out I was related to my husband. I then tried one more time with my brother's established eBay and Paypal account and sold only trackable items, authentic items, and even stopped selling items from China but in less than a month my brother was informed by Paypal that he violated their "acceptable use policy" and permanently limited his account. I read through the accpetable use policy and in no way did I violate that. Again all my items that were sold were legal, authentic, trackable items. I am so frustrated as they are pretty much banning me from all of their services. My brother's eBay account is currently still in good standing so if I in fact violated their acceptable use policy they would have suspended his eBay account along with it. Not only are they banning their services to me, they have also banned my husband's and my brother's.

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