Suspended By eBay And Robbed By Paypal


My experience is with having my account suspended by Ebay for being below standard in UK and Ireland but above standard around the rest of the world. I have had countless emails from myself and Ebay but all I get is the premade emails that they send out. I believe that the Standards should be universal and that Ebay UK and Ireland are trying to be above everybody else. They took my business away from me telling me that this could be a life ban, WHY. Because I did not get into my car and deliver parcels around the world when the weather was bad, our Postal service takes longer than usual, and buyers can put what they want in the Star rating. My ratings where not that bad and I do correspond to all my customers, but Ebay are not interested in sellers just the buyer. But without the seller the buyer does not exist and without the buyer the seller can not exist. Paypal are just as bad, taking money without consent as well. All I would like is my business back. I have seen TOP RATED SELLERS with worse feedback than mine yet I lose.

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