Subscription Ripoff


It works like this. You make a payment to an online service, for the period the service is available for. PayPal send you a receipt. Without knowing it, the company has with PayPal's help set up a 'subscription', which you are only notified about through the PayPal receipt, not by the company you have made a payment to. You are advice in this receipt that until you cancel it you will be continuing to pay up, without any further warning or notification!
All this has happened without you being asked to expressly agree to recurring payments. Taking money without EXPRESS approval to do so, is in my mind theft!
Sending an email saying that if you fail to respond and cancel the subscription (and boy, PayPal don't make it easy), until you do so is not in my mind permission to do anything, certainly it is not approval to take money from someone at regular intervals.
PayPal have set up a system where they can make money by ripping people off, and in the process set their own T&C's so they can claim to have your approval to do so!
Watch out and be warned....

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