Stop Using Paypal

     I was new to Ebay and Paypal, having opened an account last month. So I opened an account with Ebay and Paypal and placed an order for a slr lens for 1600 dollars, which was to be a gift for my husband. I saved up for almost 1 year. So I placed the order for the lens from a 100% positive feed back seller ( don't want to name him as I do believe he is not part of the scam), and I waited to find out my Paypal account is limited. So no transaction is going through.

      I called up Paypal, and they asked me to send them a bunch of my documents, like credit card statements etc. I send them all they ask for and wait. In the mean time, I get a mail from the seller saying the transaction is cancelled as he got a mail from papal saying the transaction is fraudulent. Then ebay suspends my account saying fraudulent behaviour and asks me to send a bunch of documents for them to verify. In the mean time, Paypal unfreezes my account and says the funds are transferred to seller.

     I call paypal and they say funds are transferred to seller and I am to contact him. I contact the seller, and he copy pastes the message from ebay saying fraudulent transfer from my part. He promises no money has been transferred to him. Contact paypal again, and they say its transferred and not in their hands.

     Now, i googled to check out about paypal, and I see all these sites about paypal fraud. I guess what they say is true. Tll it happens to you, U don't realize. Please don't use paypal, and if you do stop. It is not out of anger, I say this, but as a helpful human being.

God bless,


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