Stole Back My Money


Hello I run a computer software business that offers a lot of different items. I also do alot of business with alot of different individuals. I have been a Paypal member since 2009. They use to refer to me as a "preferred customer" whatever that means...
Well yesterday I got an email from Paypal saying they have permanently limited my account for offering or selling oxycontin on a online web forums....What happened was my business forum that I use for my software4 company got attacked by "spam bots". These bots come in and post there adds to God knows what filth etc. Well I explained this issue with Paypal and the "supervisor" informed me that I didn't have to be guilty of doing what Paypal accused me of doing it's just a safety precaution they take to insure nothing can be held liable against them....
So my account was froze...1300.00 of my monies gone! That is until I figured away to get it back:-) I just refunded some large transactions back to some friends and asked them to money gram it back to me. So I stole my money back but I just want to warn everybody out there that this stuff is real! Paypal is a corrupt system that will eventually steal your money.
I use to like Paypal. If I would have known what kind of danger my account and business was in under there watch I would have never dared to keep that much money in any of my accounts. They can kiss my ass because I have some fake Paypal accounts that will do the trick. So fuck you Paypal and eat a dick! You bitches thought you could take my money? I don't think so. Now I am going to do as much dirt using these accounts as I can.
Hey by the way the dumb asses kept sending me debit cards. I got four of them with my name on it. I am going to figure out tons of ways to make them loose money. I am going to bounce accounts and over draft etc. Fuck them!

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