Somethings Fishy About PayPal


I used paypal ONCE, many months ago for something a family member needed help with but for some reason couldn't do the necessary transactions themselves.  The transaction in question required a paypal account, and as at the time I didn't have one, I made one (thank god this verify crap wasn't there then or my sibling would've been S.O.L. as it were).  Now, many months (years?) later, I see a need again to utilize transactions through paypal (or creditcard, but I assume paypal is easier...WRONG). How surprised am I then, that when I go and log in and go to make deposits from my bank, not only am I asked for my routing and bank account numbers, I'm ALSO asked for my BANK ACCOUNT ONLINE LOGIN INFORMATION!?  Excuse me!? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but for the many many many years I've been on the internet I've received innumerable emails from various institutions, financial and otherwise, that expressly say "We will never ask for your login or password".  Why?  BECAUSE THAT ME AND SOMEONE WANTS TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT!  So why in the holy heck, AFTER I've already supplied them with both routing and account number, would they need the login information!?  As legitimate as they "claim" to be, that kind of activity just screams "phishing" to me. Under no circumstances would I supply ANY organization, other than the banking institution itself (and even then, under very controlled circumstances) with my account login information.  To ANY who wish to use paypal from here forthwith, please DON'T.  You cannot get any more INSECURE than supplying them with your ACTUAL LOGIN INFORMATION.  Just don't do it.

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