Sold Gold On eBay Got Screwed


On September 29, 2011 I sold a $660 gold bar to a Japanese fellow in Kansas. He promptly paid for it via Paypal on the very same day leaving me a short message indicating he would be in touch with "details", whatever that meant. He never contacted me through the ebay mail system. Eventually about 10 days after the sale, I checked my earthlink account (I don't check mail often because I do not correspond with anyone, don't do twitter, facebook, myspace, etc,.) and discovered an email from him wanting to know where his gold bar was. In that same email he sent I saw an address to which he wanted the gold bar sent to in Japan. I remember a red flag popping up on the side of my head and had doubts about sending it but emailed him twice to confirm the address to be sure that's where he wanted the gold sent. I mailed the Gold bar to the address the next day as requested via INTERNATIONAL EMS which takes about 5 days or so. Interestingly enough about 5 days later, I checked my paypal account to find there was a chargeback initiated from the buyer saying he didn't authorize his credit to be used for the purchase. So now I have to provide proof that I did in fact send the item, I submitted a JPG of the EMS receipt and tracking number, an explanation of what happened and finally a JPG of the webpage that shows the item WAS delivered. My account was on hold for 2 weeks when Paypal contacted me stating they couldn't successfully challenge the credit card dispute. So now, I am out the $660 in addition to a service fee by the buyer's bank and the BAR of GOLD. I have my suspicions as to what may have occurred. I'm pretty sure I fell for a 2 man con job by sending the gold bar to a non Paypal address in Japan only to have the buyer initiate a chargeback at the very same time the package arrived. I have been doing internet sales on and off since 1997 and this is the first time this has happened. Is there any honest and RELIABLE services out there besides Paypal?
I would accept Money Orders & Personal Checks on all ebay items I list but then my listings would all be ENDED because I didn't comply with the seller rules, blah, blah, blah and PAYPAL would be unable to extort or collect any payment fees. Let me see here; Initial listing seller fees, Final Ebay value fees, shipping fee restrictions, EBay now takes10% from my shipping charges and Paypal payment fees, oh yes and now we have the I.R.S monitoring our second hand sales. Anybody care to guess what's next?

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