Sold Diamond Bracelet And Got Taken


BEWARE!  I've had an account with Paypal since they opened their cyber doors.  They could Care less and TOLD ME SO.
I had a customer in 'Canada who bought a diamond bracelet from me. She wanted me to falsify the customs paperwork to state the value at $100. I told her I could not do that. The value had to equal the insurance and I would not ship without insurance.
Paypal refunded all of her money and I still don't have the bracelet.  I called and wrote emails to paypal explaining all that SHE did and they sided in HER favor and the bracelet is still somewhere in Canada.
She was leaving in a week to go to Florida so I suggested that I overnight it to her there. NO, she insisted on Canada. $24.95 shipping and $18 insurance that I paid. She paid $35.95 and I paid the rest. When it got there she refused it because there were customs fees. Then she contacted paypal and opened a case against me saying she didn't receive it.
They froze my accounts leaving a negative balance of $1735.95. I couldn't use the merchants shipping system or add insurance to any of my sales since that is auto paid through paypal as well. Then they debited my checking account for $1497 causing a huge overdraft. My first EVER!
They not only gave her the $1699.99 she paid, but the $35 shipping as well. On top of that they charged me an additional $61.06 processing fee. The package is still in Canada. I had to put a trace on it through the post office. Now I'm looking for a new way to get paid. I am done with the thieves at paypal.
Ebay opened a case against her. This is not the first time she has pulled this, but that doesn't help me.

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