Sold Cell Phones On eBay


I recently posted cell phones on ebay to sell. I found a buyer and we had agreement to ship phones to the address provided to me. I created invoice in paypal to send to buyer for payment. The amount was paid and I shipped phones to the address provided. Then my paypal account was placed on limitations. First it was they needed to verify my identity,  sent all the information they needed. That was accepted then they stated needed confirmation of shipment. Got confirmation of shipment to address provided from buyer. Then they stated the buyer must contact paypal and confirm the equipment was received because it was not shipped to the address on the buyer's paypal account. Now the buyer has the opportunity to claim never received the devices and get a refund. Why I take a huge lost. What can I do about this? In need of help and solutions. I know one thing I will never ever in life use paypal or ebay again with all the fraud they have going on.

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