Sold Brand New Sewing Machines On eBay


I have had a paypal account for 10 years. Selling a lot of stuff but mostly tickets. I never had a problem. Than my cousin who had a sewing machine company that went out of business asked me to sell all the brand new merchandise on EBAY. We set up an account for him through ebay and paypal. He has a successful design company also, so he is a reputable business man. SO we start selling the machines. At first count was about $10,000 the first 2 weeks. They pay him he transfers my cut to paypal. Well paypal decides to freeze both our accounts. They ask for license, gas bill, social security card and bank statements. For reasons they won't explain. I supply all of it. They suspend my account and refund, luckily it was my cousin and not the buyers, all the money. Except they refunded more money than i had in my account, because i had taken out some money before the screwed me. When all this started i changed my bank account in fear of what would happen, and it did. So now they say i owe them $600 and the closed my account...  Suckers will never get that $600 from me. SO in screwing me they lost $600...Serves them right

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