So Much For Buyers Protection Buyer Beware

I recently bought off eBay an item for $1,500.00 that was supposed to be a present. It was sent with signature confirmation, but no insurance thru USPS. Which is all Paypal requires over $250. On USPS web site it shows they attempted a delivery on 8/20 (Saturday) and a notice left. Which they didn't, at my house. I went to the post office the following week, and nothing was there. So, I informed the seller. He could care less, because it wasn't his problem. I got 3 different people at the post office involved, and then our postmaster. I supposedly had the folks at my post office looking into it, so I called them every couple of days. Then the seller told me to wait until the day after Labor Day or 9/6, and see if it shows up. Obviously, he knew something I didn't. Well on 9/6 it shows it was delivered to an address miles away and signed by a someone, I had no idea at the time who it was! So the next day I went to my post office. After 2 days of trying to sort it out on Friday the 9th I found out my carriers name was signed on it. She thought it was a box of med's that she delivers to a disabled veteran, that she sometimes signs for. She had to clear the system out on the 6th, hence the seller somehow knew that. But, there's nothing at that address except a forest. No homes within 2 miles of this GPS address. So, I escalated it to a claim. I also got a notarized statement from my postmaster and my carrier saying, I never was left a notice on 8/20 or got any package at all that needed a signature in August or September. All these facts including my post offices phone number and my postmasters and carriers cell phone numbers were supplied to Paypal. Bear in mind, my carrier put in writing it was her mistake that she keyed in the wrong number and didn't hand scan it. Early today Paypal asked me to reply to whether I received the box, and to write any additional details. So I gave them a short synopsis of what happened and I never received the item, and figured I did everything by the book. Then a short while ago, they ruled in favor of the seller. They probably never looked at the signature confirmation info, that shows it was signed by someone else at an address many miles away. I called them and asked them, doesn't a seller have to ship to a buyers confirmed address and prove it if it's over $250? They said yes, but it's already over! They said tracking confirms it was delivered. Half the money was in my Paypal account and half was taken from my checking account. I have hours of legwork invested in this, and sworn statements from 2 federal employees that I never got it! I have very few options. I'm a very loyal Paypal customer with thousands of transactions and I've never gotten a negative in 12 years on eBay. Why don't they live up to their own rules! If it's over $250, there must be proof it was delivered to my confirmed paypal address. It's just not fair, and I can't afford to lose $1,500.00! So much for buyers protection! Buyer beware.

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