Shut Down For Too Many Sales


Paypal recently froze both my eBay and paypal accounts after realizing that I was making a lot of sales on a daily basis. The fact that I had set up an official business account, registered it with my tax office to let them know I was trading and to keep them informed of my liabilities. The fact that I've had my accounts with them since 2005, with hundreds of transactions, several vetting procedures, and being as honest as I possibly could, didn't mean anything. 
Now, having frozen my £1500 funds, where the buyers have left positive feedback, I'm totally screwed...and the worst part is no one can tell me why! If I've done wrong, then I need to know, but if honest people get treated like criminals, I don't know what to do. I need my money, I've got stock that has nowhere to go and I'm trying hard not to scream and swear! 
I want to bring paypal to justice. Personally, I hope paypal and eBay crash and burn and karma eventually will have its day...but if it weren’t for this website, I probably would have been forced to take up a criminal activity...please help!

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