Shut Down By PayPal And eBay


Hello, My name is Jeremy. I recently encountered A problem with both Paypal and Ebay. First Paypal said I was banned from using their service because my account was in some way linked to someone who I guess owes them money. They refused to give me anymore information other than that, however they were nice enough to let me know I don't owe them anything.
Now for Ebay; My account with them was suspended because they say I failed the I.D verification process. They asked me a few questions that they say were from my public record. To be honest I did not recognize any of the questions asked. So they told me to mail in a copy of my I.D and a bill with my address, I didn't do that right away, but when i got around to it I called Ebay to get the fax number to fax the information and was told I was forever banned from Ebay because I didn't answer the questions right. They said who ever told me to fax an I.D was wrong and they were cutting all ties with me. I have never owed Paypal or Ebay any money. I think what they are doing is bull.

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