Shipping Label Extortion


Thanks for your site! My husband and I have had a few minor disputes with the EVIL Conglomerate PayPal/Ebay but were able to resolve them in the past fairly quickly-BUT last week, we were "Reviewed" on EBay-and despite the fact that we have nearly 200 positive feedbacks from our buyers-with the MAJORITY of them having added comments like "Super Fast Shipping", "Great Shipping" etc. we were given a "below standard" rating, and our funds are being held for "up to 21 days" as a result. I am OUTRAGED to say the least. After spending a couple of hours on hold, being disconnected, yadda yadda yadda, with the lovely "Customer Service" help at PayPal, I yelled and screamed until i was handed to a supervisor, then promptly disconnected. ARGHHHH!!!!
My main question to these shysters, was: What right do YOU have to put a hold on MY money, when my transaction is not with PayPal? I stated that I pay a fee to have Paypal provide a service, and I pay EBay to provide a service. Different companies (I know they are sister companies) providing different services-they have NO right to play this game. Anyway, upon thinking about it for a while, I came to realize that in October 2011, I stopped printing my shipping labels with them. it was far easier and cheaper to just take the stuff to the local USPS. Well surprise surprise, after 12 months of ebaying, and only one feedback with less than 5 stars for shipping, in October 2011, all of a sudden, we have 6 less than 5 stars on our shipping (according to EBay) and as such, they are holding our money-Now, mind you, there is not a SINGLE COMPLAINT that I can find in our 12 pages of feedback from our buyers about our shipping...Hmmmm. Well, they have FORCED us to print the labels through them. This is EXTORTION, is it not? How is this legal? HELP! I hate PayPal!

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