Seller Scamming Buyers Under Two Names


I am a collector of WWII photographs, buying much of my material from overseas. Three years ago, in a transaction with German seller, I sent payment to the seller via paypal. The seller received payment and never sent the item. Apparently his address was "wrong" because he had moved to a new location and never updated his profile to reflect the new address. The seller claimed that the email address the money was sent to was his brother's, not his and he'd never received payment. He claimed that his brother had set up the account when they were in business together and that they'd split their business, so if I'd sent the money to him, that was my problem and that he would not release the item until he'd been paid through his own paypal account. I wanted the photo so I paid a second time to the seller. Eventually, I discovered there was no "brother" and that the seller had two different accounts under two different names. Again, the photo never arrived. I complained to ebay and paypal, but was told I could not conclusively prove the seller was using two accounts. I insisted that I had purchased items from both different seller names in the past, but on receiving the items, they appeared to come from the same person/business. That was strike three for me from both paypal and ebay, since previously I had sent cash to overseas sellers to avoid ridiculous transaction fees and bank draft charges with those sellers stealing the cash, never sending the item and reporting they'd never received payment. Apparently, it was actually TWO strikes and you're out, because ebay refused to believe my claim that there was one seller scamming buyers under two different names. They refused to listen and suspended my account. I've even had ebay on the phone trying to explain the situation, but apparently their policy is that if there is the slightest doubt, suspend the account. I still have paypal account, but I'm banned from ebay. So, exactly, how does that work if ebay owns paypal? It's some kind of weird, greedy, tyrannical monopoly with ebay and paypal. Apparently, together they believe they are Jesus. Fuckers.

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