Seller Protection LOL


I had a buyer named Matsuyiki or Matsyuki, I’ve seen his name with both of these spellings, requested a different shipping address from the one on EBay. Lots of people request this due to items being gifts and it was right before Christmas. I shipped the item, registered with signature. He received it. After I sent him the tracking number, he initiated a chargeback in PayPal and got his payment back because, according to Pay Pal, it wasn't shipped to his registered address in Pay Pal. Get this....he had NO registered address in Pay Pal!! EBay could not help me. The 4 other sellers he had in his profile all left Positive feedback, but complained later when they too were ripped off in the same fashion. Their negative comments disappeared after 90 days so no-one knows when they deal with this crook, and that he's ripping people off.

EBay used to allow NEGATIVE FEEDBACK to allow others fair warning before dealing with crooks like this. If they still allowed it without expiration, fewer people would fall victim to crooks like this. His phone number they had on file was fake, EBay could have verified this as easily as I did with one phone call, so I'd imagine the address is fake too.
I did everything a good HONEST person would do in this case and yet EBay and Pay Pal take the side of the buyer. Now I am out almost $2,000 with a handful of excuses, and Pay Pal sticking to their User Agreement which is a NULL AND VOID CONTRACT which is unfollowable due to him not having an address on file with Pay Pal.
I have files complaints with the IC3 website and have sent this information to the press. I will contine this until they get the point.
As of now, the FEDs have copies of all my documentation and I am not a fan of either site. Depending on the Federal investigation, a lawsuit, or Class Action Suit could follow.

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