Screwed Selling Silver Dollars On eBay


In August, I sold a "lot" of silver dollars.  The auction had several bidders who had been battling it out.  Literally in the last fraction of a second, a new bidder swooped in & won the auction.  He waited until the last day allowed submitting his payment. I shipped the coins within several hours of receiving his payment & left him good feedback.  About a week later, he messages me, asking for my address so he can send the coins back.  I explained to him that unless I had miss-described or misrepresented an item, I do not do returns.  Long story short..... he had his credit card company reverse the charges & kept the coins.  This is November & I do have my coins back & I'm out nearly $300.  Paypal seems to be doing nothing to correct the problem, except to harass me with emails telling me that my Paypal account is in the minus.  I know that in time, they will simply deduct it from my checking account.  If one more Paypal rep tells me, "It's up to the credit card company & there's nothing we can do about it", I'm going to flip out.  I've been dealing on Ebay for 13 years & have never had anything like this happen.  I can't believe that Paypal is letting this guy get away with it.

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