Screw The Paypal People

     Paypal has screwed me out of MY MONEY so many times, I honestly quit counting because if they say no refund, then I am getting no refund, no matter what. But, this particular time and case I remember well because I emailed Paypal immediately after winning, so they could provide a Shipping Address through the seller's Account. Any way, I am going to include exactly what I submitted to Paypal that morning... 

     'Respond  to/Status of  Buyer Dispute  or  Claim message:  'I think it  is really wrong that you close a  claim even before a person gets their money back.  I contact  a  lady  at  her personal  email, and  her  response was not very kind or pleasant and was very threatening. I  use paypal because its supposed  to  be secure...  Psshhh...  Yeah right, after  I am  done  with  my website,  I  am  done  with  paypal.  You  all  aint  worth  2 cents.  Thanks  and  have  a  good  day.'  <<<< ----- and that was my email to them that morning, because I wasn't having a good night anyways, and they just happened to catch the blunt of that, oh well... They deserved it.

     That lady they "told" me to get in contact with, was very threatening, when I emailed her... Omg, I felt like that crazy bitch could come through the computer and kill me for what? a freakin request of funds for something that I paid for, and your nasty ass took my money, and I have yet to get that damn item, and yes, they still have my money. Anyway, it was a little bit of money.

     I looked for over an hour through my emails from Paypal, and dare I even look in there (Paypal) to find my information, as it has probably been hidden. But, I dont care if I sent that receiptant a freakin quarter, It was MY MONEY for something and I want it back, its that simple. But, then again I doubt Paypal (people), what ever the fuck you call them damn people who run that shit, I am not even going to give them bitches a red cent... Ok, I think I am done on that, Sorry :(  I am just pissed!
     And, from that point on... I think I have had 2 dead-beats, so I am going to stay on the look-out up there... But, point being after sending them my precious. sweet, AINT gonna take your bull shit anymore email, My disputes are taking a max of 5 days, to go back into my Bank Account, instead of Weeks into months. But, the only thing I did in Paypal was apply for that ATM, so when I do charge shipping I can use the shipping fees, but I was denied, WTF ?? I was like, um ok.. Really ? I can't have MY MONEY, it wasn't the extended line of credit Paypal, either, it was just to use MY ACCOUNT. Or, I just noticed I can request a check for MY MONEY and pay them $1.50 to mail it to me and what, make my buyers wait an extra 5-10 days til Paypal gets it together.. Um NO ! It seems to me that all they really want to do is just take OUR money, one way or another... They seriously do need to be stopped, I am not going to fund their paychecks.... Screw that...

     Oh, and I forgot the time I logged into a balance owed, Huh ? I don't use it that often since I ship from the site that I use free. I am not paying Paypal a freaking fee to use their services.. Um, ok... Still yet to see those services. But, furthermore on the balance owed, whoever sent me money for their items the one time I ever had to request fees, I get on one day just randomly to find I owe Paypal like $20.00, WTF, Um, I didn't ever even do that much through the damn site. I said fuck this shit. So, I paid them their damn, bull shitting ass fees, and they can go to hell. I would rather take a chance of sending concealed money through the USPS. So, I officially think I am done this time :) Hope no one gets bored reading my novel.. :)


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