Scammed By Selling Items Via Paypal

     I posted an ad on craigslist selling a few items, and the person who responed to my ad was from New Jersey. When he emailed me about my items, I explained to him where I was from and that he was in the wrong section of craigslist. He said it didn't matter that he really wanted them. He asked if I used Paypal. I said no, and he explained to me how to set up an account. After all that was done, he sent the payment no problem, and I went to my local Post office and did an express package, and he's to have it tomorrow.

     After he sent the funds to my paypal account, I transfered the funds to my bank account. He called me at 5 am this morning asking me where the package is, and being Sunday, the post office is closed . He has the tracking number and all the shipping information. He gets really pissy with me and hangs up.

     I get an email an hr later from paypal stating that a claim has been put out about it, and now the paypal account is locked and I can't do anything with it. Then I go to log onto the account to dispute it, and my paypal account is now the negative balance of what he sent to my paypal. Now I don't know what to do ....

     Did that money go back to him, and I have to pay the negative balance? And how do I go about getting my stuff back I sent?


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