Runaround By PayPal


I received a payment through paypal and had it go through payment review.
This I have no problem with. However, after the 24 hr. period they say on their website that payment review takes I still had no response. I waited the extra 24 hrs. and still had no response. Then I called and was told a 'ticket' had been submitted to expedite the review. So, 25 hours after that I called again. This time I was told everything was being done to speed things up. Another day later, still no response. Next phone call I was told it would definitely be resolved in 2 to 4 hours. Of course, nothing happened again. I called again and was told it was being expedited but would take up to another 24 hours. Called back 20 minutes later and was told I would just have to wait. Asked to speak to supervisor. Supervisor says he won't get into security problems with me but there are 'issues' with the payment. Apparently, I just have to shut up and wait. I greatly appreciate their concerns with security and possible fraud, but come on, they talked with me in person and I even vouched for the payer. They are family. Please don't lie to my face and tell one thing is going to be done when you have no intention of doing any such thing! Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing!

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