Regret Doing Business With PayPal


Let's just say I would NOT open an account at Pay Pal again due to security issue and not able to full their agreement.  Twice I purchased products thru Pay Pal,  I was charged for the items and NEVER receive the items.  Filed dispute with Pay Pal is a waste of time, cuz Pay Pal dont give a Fuck about their customers.  Especially with id theft issues. Pay pal knew about it, not taking any action to protect the customer's personal information and that's a Law violation. So if any customer out there have your id stolen and you have PayPal account, you need to seek legal advice before Pay pal ruin your credit.  They know that there's spoof emails send from Pay Pal with logo and it from, asking you to verify your personal information, PIN, DOB, SNN, acct #. It's NOT from Pay Pal, but pay pal knew about it, I personally sent 2 spoof pay pal emails to Pay Pal to let them know about the issues, they knew about it, and said nothing they can do.  That's NOT acceptable.  Pay Pal seeking for law suits, and it's coming.  Cuz id theft is America #1 issue right now and Pay Pal not taking the necessary action to protect their customers.  I regret doing business with Pay Pal and have to suffer the consequences .

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