Refund Issued But Not Receiving It


I purchased some photographic supplies from a trusted supplier.  They informed me that certain items were out of stock.  As a consequence, the supplier refunded $98 to my Paypal account.  Paypal immediately placed a "hold" on the refund saying they would be in touch with further information shortly. That was on Nov. 18, it is now Nov. 24.  I have heard nothing from them despite e-mailing them twice, and despite their indication that e-mails are responded to between 24 and 72 hours.
The information about the supplier being out of stock appears on the records that Paypal has.  Thus the hold is, in my opinion, entirely bogus, and in my opinion, they are guilty of stealing the time value of my money. It just seems plain amateurish for an organization the size of Paypal to act this way.  I have informed my supplier that in my opinion, Paypal is interfering with our business relationship as I would like to place an amended order but cannot afford to do so.

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