Quick To Charge Slow On Refund


I used Paypal to purchase a shipping label from usps.com to send some Christmas presents, one didn't print right so I cancelled it and USPS immediately sent a refund to my paypal account on 12/21. Today 12/27 two payments were taken from my bank account to paypal for usps and the status of my refund is on hold! My refund of my funds that left my bank on 12/21 is on hold and I still don't show in my bank account or my Paypal account any cedit. When I contacted Paypal I couldnt understand the women and she kept insisting I got the refund but yet I'm out double from my account. After looking at the transaction I find that my refund is on hold, now why would my own funds be on hold? I have been with paypal a long time and never an issue until now. I guess I was better of just using my credit card for this purchase, I thought using paypal I could avoid these type of issues. Paypay has 28.40 of my money from my bank the account holder with Paypal, and which has cleared for days now yet I'm still waiting for my refund makes no sense to me!

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