Problem In 2008 Still Haunting Me


I sold two items on ebay. They were the same and were bought by a single bidder. I even reduced the price and stopped the auction as the buyer wanted both and did them a deal.

I posted them through recorded delivery. A few weeks later I get an email saying that the buyer had taken out a dispute, saying they hadn't received the items. They never tried to contact me or anything. I send in the dispatch number, but paypal decided to side with the buyer and paid them. Then they emailed me and told me I owed £185 odd on my account and to pay it. I contacted them again to tell them I had receipt from the recorded delivery, but they never replied. Royal mail couldn't do anything either as far as they saw on their system it had been delivered. Paypal were not interested in this.

This was in 2008. Now, at the start of 2012, my mother's paypal account has been suspended. Paypal decided her account and my account should be linked, and so now she cannot conduct here business until this £185 is paid. They are prepared to put her out of business nearly 4 years after the initial problem, all down to a buyer who, as far as anyone can tell, received both the items they bought and then their money back.

Even though I no longer use paypal, I have no choice but to pay it, as paypal say they can link accounts by name, IP address, phone number, bank card, account, email address, home address and more. So basically, any one in your family, your friends or even someone you don't even know can be linked, and they can go after them for the money!

They also have now told me that the reason that they sided with the buyer was because my dispatch number was invalid. How convenient... as I still have the Royal Mail receipt, this could be resolved but of course, it is now out of time...

they are all crooks, don't use them!!

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