PayPals Dispute Process Is Unfair And Unconstitutional

Well I recently had a dispute about a item I sold through PayPal. I did everything PayPal asked, I even sent all the pictures they allow to upload and offered 25 total to help prove my side of things. I even sent a fax to show how the other person was being shady in they're dealings. I waited and watched my case day after day. One day I re-call getting an email that said we're waiting for additional evidence requested from the buyer, which turned out to be a total fabrication. I did everything I was asked and did everything I could to show my end of things. The decision was in favor of the buyer, and if the process was fair and the other person had actually shown some sort of evidence to show his side of the story I would have at least respected the decision. I may have wanted to appeal it but at least had some ease of mind that they looked at evidence provided and made a decision. That couldn't have been farther from the truth, the person that they awarded the case to didn't
send in one piece of evidence to back up what he claimed, not ONE thing. I was told that by both of the people I had talked to. After a long conversation with two very rude agents from PayPal (Troy & his boss Michelle) I also learned some information that other people who use PayPal would probably like to know and that would be my title, The Truth Of How PayPal Really Does The Claim Process. I have never heard of a case against someone that provided proof after proof of his side to show what happened but was convicted anyways by a DA with no evidence to show he or she had committed the crime against them. How on earth can that be considered fair. If you have ever felt like PayPal didn't handle your claim properly or you would at least  support me, please sign this petition. This is clearly a flawed way of handling a claim. I was even told by those employees that the pictures and faxes that you send in for your case is "Just to make you feel better and have no relevance to t
> he decision of your case", can you believe that. They put up a option that makes you feel like your being taken care of, but it's a BIG SCAM. They don't care what picture you send, what matters is what they decide. In my case even though I wrote plenty of things to back up my side and showed how the other person also broke rules and policies, I also sent MANY pictures and offered even more pictures, the other person won. They won without one piece of evidence to back up what they claimed, wow! So do you think this is fair? You tell me, would you like your claim to be handled like this? Have you thought PayPal wasn't fair in your claim decision, then all I can say is please sign. It's the only way they'll ever change, we have to let them know we aren't happy about this and it's got to be a loud voice for such a large company to even pay attention to something like this. Thanks for your time and have a great day!

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