PayPal Treats Victims Like Criminals

PayPal told me today that I am banned for life from doing business with them because I have 3 fraudulent accounts "linked" to my account.  When I told them I have never ever had any other PayPal account other than the ONE that I know about, they said that I might be lying and therefore they have decided not to do business with me.  When I asked for details about the other "linked" accounts, they said that information is proprietary and they are not at liberty to discuss it with me.  When I asked how I was supposed to be able to defend myself against whomever is linking their accounts with mine, they said there is nothing I can do to prove my innocence.  So, basically, someone is taking advantage of some of my information to open fraudulent PayPal accounts, and PayPal is labeling ME as the criminal and giving me absolutely no help or options to resolve the problem. This is a humiliating experience, especially since I have done nothing wrong.  PayPal is falsely accusing me of criminal activity and making it impossible for me to defend myself. Further, I asked them to permanently delete my account, but they said they cannot do that.  My account, including my credit card and bank account info, can still be accessed online, but I am barred for life from making any money transfers.  Why do they still need to keep my account online if I am not allowed to use it?  Why do they still retain access to MY credit card and bank account info if they have made the decision to not do business with me?  Something sounds criminal to me and it is spelled P-A-Y- P-A-L.

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