PayPal Told Me Not To Do Chargeback


Paypal was supposed to contact Steals & Deals regarding my complaint w/ my order.  My order did not come for 7 to 8 weeks &pay pal informed me that my complaint is supposed to be filed within 30 days.  How is that possible when you do not get the order in that time frame?  They said in the future if my order is not here in30 days, just cancel it. Then they said they would make an exception & refund my order.  They contacted steals & deals & said they would refile the complaint & I have heard nothing since.  They told me not to file a complaint w/ master card because that would mess up the complaint.  The order was supposed to be sweaters, red & taupe, instead they were shawls that would fit an elephant & the taupe is an ugly gray.  I have waited long enough.  If I do not get a reply in the next 2 days, I am going thru master card & returning these pieces of junk!!

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