PayPal Survey


Hello I've been selling on ebay for over 10 years , 2030 feedbacks. No claims of no delivery.
All of a sudden two days before turkey day (without any notice or warning) they at ebay suddenly made my funds unavailable for up to 21 days!
When I called paypal they stated it was ebay who decided this. So I called ebay and they stated during my monthly seller review 3 buyers gave me under 3 stars for shipping and delivery so I tell them I always put tracking info, have no complaints from buyers and my feedback was almost perfect..she stated once item was delivered or feedback left, I should call ebay and have my funds released in 3 days. So as my items were delivered I called, rep Ernesto was snotty and told me I didn't have to call that my funds would be automatically released which wasn't true.
So then I noticed one of every four transactions money was available without any holds, so I called ebay again and told them they're inconsistent, she told me it was randomly done while in previous calls they told me all funds would be held up!?
So they sent me email with survey which I told the truth about how they treated me.
So today I tried to relist an item and wasn't allowed!
They suddenly need my permission and another credit card to list items due their buyer protection claim service! It says: so ebay may charge a one time, reoccurring, sporadic charges! Say what? Charges for what? I've never had a buyer case against me! They added that once I add another card or agree to use my existent card it would follow with a phone call to verify my identity!
So my thinking is they want my permission to use my credit card for anything they want...recurring, sporadically as they see fit! I refuse to do so. They want me to sign off on all my rights for a buyer protection service yet I have no cases against me. Is this legal? Funny how it happened after my survey! Anyone else go through this?

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