PayPal Support Thieves


I would like to pass on a terrible experience we have recently had with Pay Pal.  Someone named Sonny More has somehow infiltrated our PayPal account and extracted money out of our bank 35 times totaling $1600.00 via Pay Pal.  We have no idea who this person is and we did not authorize any of these transactions.  When we filed a claim with Pay Pal we were denied TWICE due to "insufficient evidence"............???????????  I don't know about you, but we don't have time to send 35 money transfers to someone we don't even know; however, Pay Pal would rather stand behind the person committing the fraud as opposed to a loyal customer who has never in 8 years shown this type of activity in their account.  They refused to let us speak to someone "higher up" and basically told us that they had made their decision and that's too bad for us.
Please pass this story on to anyone and everyone you know who has a Pay Pal account or is considering getting one.  PAY PAL IS NOT SECURE AND THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR CUSTOMERS, THEY STAND BEHIND THE THIEVES WHO STEAL FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS.
If you have a Pay Pal account check it often and change your password and security questions often.  We will be closing our Pay Pal account and letting as many people as possible know what happened to us.

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