PayPal Statement Problems


I looked at my statement last month and thought well, I don't owe anything, that's great!  Get a phone call a month later that I haven't paid my bill.  Of course I was charged a late fee.  Look at my PayPal statement again (I was only getting it online).  I see there in really small letters that I do have a balance.  In big bold letters at the top it says "PAYPAL BALANCE $0.00USD."  Then a bit underneath in really small letters "Current balance $186.00USD."  Ok, well my bad, it's not obvious and I'm thinking do they do that on purpose?
Then I start exploring the website trying to look at my statement.  I'm pretty good with computers, almost a geek (but not quite).  It took me literally 10 different tries to finally locate my statement. And the one that I needed I never could find, they had to mail it to me.  I told them to change all my statements to be mailed, that there website is ridiculous and I really think they intentionally make it that way, and I told the gal I was pretty sure other people had likely complained about it.  I casually asked maybe there was a class action suit going on?  Guess what?  My late fee was waived immediately after that statement!
I need to investigate other payment options on Ebay.  If they don't have anything else that's safe to us, I think they'll be losing my business too.  PayPal is for sure.

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