PayPal Seller Protection LOL


ebay and paypal are a scam im having problems with paypal a closely affiliated friend of ebays so they say but they are 2 separate companies so why do they bully almost all ebay customers to used paypal because they are thief’s that’s the reason paypal charge me more money to receive money that ebay its self charges me for listing and final valuation fee put together. my problem is some one brought some thing off me on ebay and then once he received the item he reversed the charges so paypal wants me to pay them back the money i dont think so i would be out pocket i don’t even have the item back they protect buyers not seller i think this is disgusting after all sellers is where all there money comes from are they stupid so paypal suspends my account until this issue is sorted next thing i no ebay has suspended my account with no reason i eventually get to speak to a representative that knows what he speaking about and he tells me that the reasons its suspended is because paypal suspended my account with them wtf has that got to do with ebay paypal are a form or payments ect and are separate something should be done about this pronto because all the people that have to pay for this / mainly sellers are treated like crap ebay and paypal should be done.

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